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All apprenticeships comply with accredited Standards which are set to meet Industry and Employer requirements.

Standards include a set of Skills, Knowledge and Behaviours that have to be demonstrated in order to complete the Apprenticeship.

All Apprenticeship Standards include an End Point Assessment which is carried out by an Awarding Body End Point Assessment Assessor, who is independent of London Skills for Growth and the apprentice’s employer.

In addition to the End Point Assessment the following must be achieved in order to gain entrance to Gateway (which allows End Point Assessment to be triggered)

Functional Skills

All apprenticeships include a requirement to complete English and Maths Functional Skills Qualifications at Level 1 or 2 if an equivalent level is not held. Our expert advisors can advise you about these qualifications and whether you would be required to complete them.

Work experience

Apprenticeships have a minimum length of programme, but we will discuss with you any extension to this minimum which may be required. During your Apprenticeship you have to be employed by an employer which ensures that you will cover the requirements of your Programme. You will receive training with your employer as part of your employment and you will be developing the knowledge, skills and behaviours you need to successfully achieve your Apprenticeship.

Off the job training

There is a mandatory requirement for you to have 20% of your time at work allocated for training. This has to be recorded and can be covered with a mix of training at work and attendance at off the job learning related to your apprenticeship. This is usually is completed through a mixed approach of face to face and online training.

Apprenticeship Standard   Early Years Educator Level 2
Apprenticeship Standard   Early Years Practitioner Level 3
Apprenticeship Standard   Business Administrator Level 3
Apprenticeship Standard   Customer Services Practitioner Level 2
Apprenticeship Standard   Customer Service Specialist Level 3
Apprenticeship Standard   Team Leader/Supervisor Level 3
Apprenticeship Standard   Hairdressing Professional Level 2
Apprenticeship Standard   Digital Marketer Level 3
Apprenticeship Standard   Teaching Assistant Level 3
Apprenticeship Standard   HR Support Level 3
Apprenticeship Standard   Financial Services Customer Advisor Level 2
Commercial Course Current Assessing Competence in the Work Environment Level 3
Commercial Course Current Assessing Vocational Achievement Level 3

*London Skills for Growth have a mix of learners on frameworks with all new starts on standards.