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Considering about taking up an Apprenticeship with us? Well here are our top five reasons why we beleive an Apprenticeship could be the right choice for you:

Gain experience 

  • Employers look for experience as well as qualifications. An Apprenticeship will allow you to gain valuable experience within a specific industry, which looks great on your CV.

Earn while you learn

  • As an Apprentice you will earn a wage as you work towards your qualification. This is a real advantage and will help you avoid building up a big student debt.

Gain an industry-relevant qualification

  • During your Apprenticeship, you will be working towards an industry-recognised qualification. Not only is this essential for career success, but it shows employers that you have the drive and determination needed to study and work.

Improve your prospects

  • Once you complete your Apprenticeship there will be a range of options open to you. You may opt for an Advanced Apprenticeship or go to University. Or if you fancy being your own boss, the real-life skills and knowledge you have gained could help you to set up your own business.

Broaden your skills and networks

  • Employers value communication, teamwork and IT skills. As an Apprentice, you will have the opportunity to develop all of these and gain a real understanding of how a particular business works. Additionally, you will expand your network and make those all-important contacts in your chosen industry.